23 March 2011

Failing the Turing test

Sorry, I know I wrote a post today already, but this must be said.

I have decided I am a robot.  After trying to write posts on numerous other blogs over these past few weeks, I now realize that I seriously suck at figuring out what the stupid CAPTCHA things are saying to me and I regularly screw them up and need to ask for another and another and another until I get it right.  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ve stolen a picture off the internet and reposted it below.  That is a CAPTCHA.  For the record, I think I can read these ones, but if tested I would probably end up failing all of them.) 

Since these are supposed to weed out robots, and I can’t do them, by the transitive property I must be a robot, right?

If I am a robot, I will class myself with robots like replicants and cylons that haven’t yet been told what they are.  And I plan to be really freaking pissed when someone finally gives me the big reveal.  Because that’s not very nice, and people should be more careful about making sentient machines that don’t know they’re machines, because it clearly never ends well.  (At least, I assume I’m sentient…)

This is all tangentially applicable to my post tomorrow, in which I will mention how I may have been fooled by a chat robot-troll when I was younger.  I want to prepare you for this post because you may end up getting creeped out, because I was a creepy thirteen-year-old.  There.  Consider yourself warned.


  1. haha if you speak Spanish, I once made a comic very much in the lines of this... otherwise you'll have to wait for me to get off my ass and translate my comics to English.
    Meanwhile here's an xkcd: http://xkcd.com/632/

    But don't worry, you're not alone... those things ARE getting harder.

  2. And that is roughly what she said.

  3. Ha!

    I do read Spanish with relative overall comprehension. I'd love to see this comic!

    And that xkcd was awesome (I was actually thinking of it when I posted this!). xkcd is one of my permanently open tabs...