28 April 2011

I must be a visual learner

I keep looking around for blog inspirations and have repeatedly come to the realization that I tend to interpret the first clause of this sentence in the most literal possible sense.  The minute I turn my head to thinking up some inspiration, I find myself looking at something and wanting only to describe to you the awesomeness of that visual thing.  The yellow glow of afternoon sunlight through saguaro needles.  The spiderweb pattern of cracks in weatherworn asphalt.  These would make for a whole lot of really boring one-liner blog posts.

I do have one daily visual that I want to tell you about, mostly because like I said I see it daily.  I promise you I have no other motive than that.  This visual brain of mine sees things and wants to tell you about them.  This one is bathroom tiles.  You know the little 1-inch tiles they always have in bathrooms?  Whenever I look at them my mind makes crucifixes out of them, four tiles down and three across.  Like this:

I’m very conscious of the age-old adage, and I’ve no interest at all in talking religion or politics at this dinner table.  I’m just going to leave this one as it is, a visual.  But it does remind me of all sorts of cool stories about vision and perception and how your brain makes things out of other things...

Meh.  I’ll get to all that later.  I’m too lazy to make a big post now.  Enjoy your bathroom floor picture.


  1. Whenever I look at tiles like that, my mind's eye sort of automatically divides them into larger squares. I feel like there's an intention of larger squares for some reason--maybe from small-tile-patterned linoleum?--and I start wondering what size the larger squares are supposed to be. 3x3? Maybe 5x5? I usually find one that looks right eventually. I think I need more meds.

  2. I used to do matrixing games like that all the time. Still do, when I'm bored and there's something with a pattern.

  3. Matrices of squares are just begging to be alternately parsed, that's all there is to it.