21 April 2011

It's diabolical!

Oh my God.  You will never believe what I just found out!

So I have a problem with buying a fountain drink every single day because it’s a waste of cups, so I decided to start reusing my cup.  I went to Burger King today and asked the lady for a large iced tea, and could she put it in the cup I brought with me?  I didn’t tell her the cup was two weeks old but I was prepared to pay for the iced tea – but she just handed back the refilled cup and said,

“Oh, honey – we don’t charge for iced tea refills.”

Do you know what this means?!  You guys – I could get free iced tea refills for life!

This is insane.  I don’t – I don’t even – I can’t handle this kind of power.  Is it immoral to go in every day with my cup and get a free refill?  Do I have a responsibility to explain my case?  Will they catch on if I don’t?  Isn’t this against some sanitation code somewhere?  What should I do?!

UPDATE (October): After months of blissfully free iced tea refills, I think they’ve caught on to me.  They’re now charging 55c for iced tea refills just like they do for the soda refills.  It was good while it lasted.

UPDATE (the following summer): Yes, I’m still at the university getting Burger King iced tea, don't remind me.  BUT the coolest thing just happened to me today.  I went to get my usual refill and also some lunch, and when they called my number I went up to the counter to find that all of the employees had crowded around and were waiting for me.  And the woman who’d taken my order informed me that they’d all discussed it and now they’re all on the same page and will give me free refills every time I bring my cup in for the rest of the summer!  I would be embarrassed that they all know me by now, but free iced tea!


  1. no it isnt immoral! In fact im going to do it from now on! The power ... im shaking ... XD

  2. And thus was a supervillain born.