07 April 2011

The many uses of a vampire/ werewolf obsession, Part IV

A few things I’ve learned because I was writing about vampires and werewolves (keep in mind I’ve been writing about them a long time):

-          The Parthenon took less time to build than the original U.S. Capitol building

-          The speed of sound is 1,225 km/hr at sea level

-          All the full moons have names (and most have many names)

-          Not too many websites allow you to calculate the date and time of the full moon out to the year 2200

-          The entire midsection of the United States used to be a large inland sea

-          There are very few country borders across which a dog without papers and vaccination records can easily travel

-          ‘Bemused’ and ‘amused’ are not synonyms

-          ‘Nonplussed’ does not mean unimpressed

-          The word ‘psychology’ was invented in Latin in the late 15th/ early 16th centuries

-          One of the more famous chess games in history, the so-called Immortal Game, was played between Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky in 1851

-          One can usually get a discount on dog licenses if one neuters one’s pet

This seems like depressingly few facts, come to think of it – but I’m tired of searching through these endless reams of story pages.  I’m sure I’ll come up with more later.

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